Credit for our Chatrooms

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Credit for our Chatrooms

Post  Merrick on Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:05 am

This is where I'm going to credit those who let us use their backrounds for our chat. Most of them are on deviantArt and not on chatlands, so this will be our way to let people know who made them since some don't have a watermark. Take a look at their pages! They helped us a lot!

-Administrator Conference Room
-Autumn Night
-Forest Grove
-Mountain Grotto
-Winter Migration

~Alois Trancy
-Lifeless Forest
-Starry Night

-Clear Pasture

-Dusty Mountain
-Hillside View
-Sun Peak

-Frosted Stones
-Lone Boulder
-North Forest
-South Clearing

-Winter Landscape

-Summer Field
-Lakeside Sunset

-Moonlight View
-Nights Path
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