Beta Testers anyone?

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Beta Testers anyone?

Post  Merrick on Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:40 am

Want to check out the chat? Message me on here or on chat and you can be one of the few to see the new and improved chat!
-Remember, we are still under construction! There is much more to come then what is there now!

This is for a limited time.
And only a few people can check it out, so hurry!


You must answer the following questions honestly.

Chatlands Name(s):
Forums Account:

Have you ever been banned from a chatland/forum? What chat?:
Have you ever been an Beta Tester on another chatland? Where?
Why do you want to be apart of Feral Awakening's Beta Testers?:
How long have you been on chatlands?:
How active will you be on forums and on chat?:

What exactly is beta testing?
Are you capable of abiding to a privacy agreement?

If you have other information you wish for us to know about, please put that last.

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