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Delta Commissions

Post  Azura on Sat Feb 18, 2012 1:04 pm

Gonna give these a try, 'cause I'd really like to keep my subbie if given the chance.
I can do the usual: coloring, outlining, shading/greyscaling, custom poses, artwork, ect.
*I also do the smaller services like resizing, flipping, bg transparency, and removing unwanted pixels.
Every service is .20-1.00 deltas each. - Price depends on complexity.
My forum username is the same as my on-site username.

Coloring Examples:

Outlining Examples:
1. Pencil | Inked
2. Pencil | Inked
3. Sketch | Inked

Shading/Greyscaling Examples:

[please let me know if you want furring like the one above or both regular & furring]

Custom Pose Examples:

Artwork Examples:
Traditional Artwork
Digital Artwork
More Examples

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