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If you have any questions that are not answered by our Art FAQ, contact an ART member or create a topic in this forum.

In order to keep Feral Awakening as stress-free as possible when it comes to art and using it, we follow many of the basic guidelines that WolfHome does:
While we follow most of the terms provided in the WolfHome FAQ, it may not be the same here. Please read the FAQ below before uploading your pose if you have any doubts.

What species are allowed on Feral Awakening?
Feral Awakening allows all species, except humanoids, in public rooms. Don't worry, though - humanoid poses are allowed to be used in private rooms.

Do poses need shading?
Poses are not required to have any shading, although it is recommended you do if you have a dark character to make it more visible to other users.

How big may inanimate objects in poses be?
So long as it isn't completely huge, there is no limit to how large your pose's inanimate objects can be.

Can we have living creatures in our poses?
Yes. You may use poses that have pets. So long as it is nothing larger than a domesticated dog and is not someone else's character, it is allowed in your pose. If it's someone else's character, we ask you use it as a puzzle pose instead.

Are we allowed to be an inanimate object?
Being inanimate objects, such as cars and other objects, is not allowed. However, having a pose of your character as a plushie is all right.

Can we upload pose sets from other sites here, such as WolfHome's coyote set?
No. This would be stealing.

Skotadi [head of ART]


Please note that the Feral Awakening Art FAQ is subject to change.


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