Uploading Poses

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Uploading Poses

Post  Merrick on Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:46 am

Hi guys!
Please read the rules at: http://www.feralawakening.forumotion.com/t64-feral-awakening-rules

Anyway, some people have been wondering how to upload poses and how to set a subscription.

When you log into Feral Awakening, there is a menu left of the map. The top box, "Map Links", contains links to several chat functions - both the subscriptions and poses are there. Click "My Subscription" after hovering over "Map Links" and it will redirect you to the Subscription page. Click one of the subscriptions.

After you've got a subscription, you can upload a pose to represent you on the chat. You will need a left and right facing version so that you can turn in the chat, and the pose will need to be sized correctly so it doesn't look goofy in chat. You can find the art FAQ here, with sizing charts: http://www.feralawakening.forumotion.com/f2-questions-for-the-art-review-team
Once you have the images correct, you can upload your pose. Once again, go to "Map Links" and press "Custom Poses". Go in there and upload your left and right facing versions, and give us a VALID LINK stating that you specifically have permission to use the pose.
Click submit, OK, and then wait for an administrator to accept your pose.
Note that harassing an administrator to accept it is against the rules!

If you can't find any poses,check out the free pose emporium on the forum: http://www.feralawakening.forumotion.com/f16-freebie-emporium

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the forum or contact ART head Blackout.

Thank you!
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