Dr Cuddy's babies.

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Dr Cuddy's babies.

Post  Lupa on Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:44 am

Canidote is a female fox whose name is from Candidate Antidote, a name which was given to her when she was bred for scientific experimentation. Several of the experiments ended with Canidotes changing of fur color from a silver and black normal to the silver fox to jet black with orange and blue pigments. Other ended with less happy results such as one impaired her hearing, and another took away the feeling in her tail and paw pads.

Her companion, Missy Miel, is a sugar glider based off a real life pet of my own. Missy Miel is young and sweet. Miel is french for honey, her favorite treat.

Canidote is my FURSONA!:3 (c)Ssk

Maple was the result of a character trade. Secondary:3 (c)Makoce


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