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Pose Coloring

Post  Cerridwen on Wed Feb 01, 2012 5:49 am

I will be taking Paypal & Delta's for the time being. Prices are at a discounted price for now as the chat is new. Please read through here carefully before posting.

DELTAS 1∆ (Discount Price 60∆)
PAYPAL Will be Given via PM
Poses will be a Flat Rate of .90 (Discount Price .50), but please be advised that your price may vary once I see the character, and I will contact you via PM if I need to make changes

There will be a Limit of 1 Pose per Slot.
Also please do not pay before hand, I will let you know when your poses are complete then payment is required before using.

Spots Available

1. Greyscales must be ready for coloring
2. Please post copyrights when posting poses
3. I will not be flipping/transferring at this time
4. If I feel I cannot color your pose/chara I will let you know
5. Once you see your name above please PM me details
6. Please do not ask when your pose will be done. I do have a life and will get to it as soon as I can. Reason behind the "Pay After" part
7. PayPal Talks Higher then Delta's



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